Product Support
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Ezentus proudly offers you product-support programmes that cover your needs for spare parts, maintenance and service, at a value that is best suited for your requirements of quality, speed and efficiency.
Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and that is why we have introduced many programs that help in reducing your equipment’s lifetime owning and operating costs.
Some of the programs and services we provide are as follows :
  • Fast delivery and availability of genuine parts.
  • Workshop and service facilities. 
  • General maintenance and service. 
  • Customer Support Agreement (CSA).
  • Repair before failure (RBF).
  • Remanufactured Parts (REMAN). 
  • Product Support Sales Representatives (PSSRs).

Product Support Sales Representatives (PSSRs)
When you buy one of our equipment, we assign a qualified, well-trained PSSR as a consultant for your company. The PSSR will visit your sites and machines frequently and provide you with suggestions and solutions to help you achieve maximum up-times with your equipment. These visits are free of cost.
The PSSR can also assist you with:
  • Technical Analysis Inspection Programmes (Level 1) 
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling Programme (SOS Programme).  
  • Custom Track Service